We honour the Teachers
  • Excellent early learning programs require the commitment of Early Childhood Educators that posses knowledge, attitudes and skills necessary to meet the individual needs of the children.
  • Faculty with education in Early Childhood Education is required in order to meet the various needs of young learners and ensure a Centre of excellence. 

We honour the Community
  • A well coordinated, team approach to the delivery of early learning education is required to meet the needs of the children, parents, faculty and community.
  • Community resources assist in meeting the developmental and special needs of all children and families. 

We honour the Child
  • Each child is a unique individual who shall have the opportunity to develop to their potential while in our program.
  • Our Centre, with the shared responsibility of parents, faculty and community, shall collectively provide opportunities for each child to develop their abilities.
  • The individual dignity and worth of each child shall be respected and enriched. 
  • Our Centre recognizes each child is developing physically, emotionally, intellectually, socially and creatively at their own rate. All areas are interdependent and have equal importance in the total development of the child. 
  • ​The child, whose needs are being met while in an early learning program, is more likely to develop into a healthy responsible and secure person.
  • We strive to recognize that every child has a natural curiosity which results in an eagerness to explore, grow and learn. Providing opportunities that stimulate this curiosity is of utmost importance in the program planning of our Centre.
  • PLAY, therefore, is central to planning and implementing children's explorations at our Centre. 

Garneau/University Early Learning Centre

We honour the Family
  • The dignity and worth of all families will be respected.
  • The family, in it's variety of forms, is a fundamental and basic component of our Centre.
  • Effective early learning programs require the commitment of the family and faculty.
  • Parents are encouraged to be involved in programming, activities and events when possible.