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Discovery Room

The Innovation Room is our kindergarten room. It is a community of up to nineteen children ranging in age between 4.5 years old to 6 years old. In the Innovation Room, the children use their refined independence and problem-solving skills to engage with their peers and take on a leadership role in the centre, by collaborating with the younger children to scaffold their learning, and the community. As the children often split their time with the kindergarten program in the school, there is also a greater interest in more traditional aspects of education that is facilitated in an open and child driven manner. They learn phonics and practice their writing skills while still playing freely.

We believe that every child is unique and will grow at their own pace, and our program and planning reflect that. Our teaching team is fully dedicated to elaborating and scaffolding the interests of each child as they are observed, whether it be a unified interest or many individual interests, all are explored. This is known as Emergent Curriculum. As topics of interest to the children emerge, projects are designed to enrich and expand the knowledge that the children already possess. These projects may last only a day or can continue throughout the school year. Length of study is determined by the continued interest surrounding the topic.

As we explore an area of interest, the teaching team collect information in forms of artifacts, notes and images to document the learning taking place. It serves as both information for our families to see what learning is currently taking place, but also a memory for the children to reflect on that often leads to a renewal in interest and an informed jumping point for new learning in the future.

Wonder Room

The Wonder Room is our toddler room. It is a community of up to twelve children ranging in age between 19 months and 3.5 years old. In the Wonder Room, we have a strong focus on independence and social-emotional development. Children in this age group are often in the beginning stages of learning empathy and are beginning to learn how to self-regulate and play collaboratively. Educators in the room take special care in guiding the children through their social interactions and providing assistance in problem solving and emotional understanding.

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Innovation Room

What is Reggio Emilia?
Originating in a small village in Italy of the same name, Reggio Emilia is a child-directed education philosophy that strives to transform their natural interests and everyday experiences into rich learning experiences. Children are encouraged to explore and experiment, fostering both autonomy and interpersonal cooperation in an environment designed to support the constant expansion of the child's educational boundaries. With the guidance and cooperation of parents, teachers, community and environment, children are immersed in experiences which encourage innovation and discovery. 

To equip our students with the skills to become individualized citizens of the world

To work along side with families and communities to foster creativity, cooperation and collaboration.

To enhance  development of independence and positive relationships with others

To enhance physical development including the provision of appropriate development of

gross motor, fine motor and proprioceptive motor skills, nutrition, and health care.

To encourage the development of cognitive processes as well as the acquisition and use of language.

To enhance creative development including the use of past experience to develop new ideas

or novel approaches which include the expression of self through creative use of

language, music, movement, drama and art.

To enhance emotional development in the realms of trust, tolerance, positive self-concepts

and opportunities for children to express feelings.

Offering a high quality early learning program where young minds explore their individual potentials.

Garneau/University Early Learning Centre

The Discovery Room is our pre-kindergarten room. It is an energetic group of up to sixteen children between the ages of 3.5 years old and 4.5 years old. Our goal at this age is to continue the lessons that began in our Wonder Room and to reinforce them even further. We look to develop independence in all areas; problem solving, emotional regulation, cooperation and leadership. As the children gain autonomy we provide opportunities to explore their own abilities, strengths and weaknesses as they develop their idea of self and their place in a community.

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