I Like Myself is a story about a young girl who explains what she likes about herself because she is unique. There is nothing that would make her want to be anything but herself. The pictures are whimsical and funny, and the book is empowering to the children who are just learning about their own unique characteristics.

Giraffes can bend their necks, monkeys can wave their hands, and donkeys can kick their legs. And so can you! Throughout this interactive book, the animals of From Head to Toe invite young readers to copy their antics as they play.

The “How do Dinosaurs…” series is quite popular in the Wonder Room. The books read through many situations that can cause children stress or anxiety, misunderstandings or general dysregulation and guides them into positive problem-solving, self-regulation and positive behaviour strategies. This series is a great tool for children who are struggling with making new friends, ability to communicate frustrations, or trying new things. 

An inspirational story of a boy who loved the stars so much, he decided to catch one of his very own. The beautifully illustrated, original debut picture book from shining talent Oliver Jeffers. There once was a boy who loved stars so much that he wished he had one of his very own. Every night he watched the stars in the sky from his bedroom window and dreamed of how he could be their friend and how they could play hide-and-go-seek together. So, one day, he decided to set about catching a star of his very own…

The Wonder Room has been showing interest in what their parents do while they are at school. We have begun exploring different professions in our community and the children have been fascinated by the bravery of the firefighters. This book is about two friends who are pretending to be firefighters at school and demonstrate what firefighters do throughout their day.

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Each month a new book order form will be available in the parent resource binder. We encourage our families to take advantage of the ordering system as it does not only provide a source to fill your home with books to enjoy with your children, but also fills our classrooms with new resources. All of your orders will provide the classrooms with credits to spend on books and other learning materials! We have tried to include as many links to the Scholastic website as possible for your convenience.

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The Wonder Room has been enjoying reading The Color Monster. This book has helped our children unpack their bottled-up emotions and take a closer look at each one to better understand how they feel. The children have learned new vocabulary to describe how they feel and are able to come up with strategies to express themselves and self-regulate in a constructive and healthy manner.

Garneau/University Early Learning Centre

This series takes you through four professions. As the children are growing more and more interested in careers, they have grown very fond of reading these books with a teacher, friend and even on their own. The books have a very child friendly layout and the back of the book contains prompts for further discussion as well as vocabulary and information about the other characters in the story such as the nurse who works alongside the doctor.