Our Big Ideas!

Our interest in water really

began in two places; around the

lunch table and around the water

table. The Discoverers, from solo

play to groups of as much as six at a time, would gather around the water table to make “waterslides”, measure how much water it would take to over flow, make tube systems, play with water beads, mix colours and so many other experiences. They would spend long periods of time measuring, pouring, experimenting, mixing and manipulating. Then when lunch came around, they would sit and discuss how important water was while having a few cups of it themselves. The conversation would move from how important it is to drink water to how important it is to not waste water. We, the Discovery Room teachers, decided that this was worth looking into. Water affects our lives in so many ways and is large part of our world.

It touches nearly every part of our

lives. We will be exploring all

we can about water and we welcome

you to join us!

Wonder Room

Innovation Room

Discovery Room

Want to extend your child’s learning at home? Here is a brief update on each room’s big idea.

The Innovators are using

what we learned from our music inquiry to help us prep for

our GUELC Kindergarten


We are exploring different elements of the butterfly life cycle as we watch our classroom butterflies transform through metamorphosis.


The last week of June is going to be full of child planned activities, including face paint days, movie days, water fun days and more!

During the summer we will be pursuing any and all questions the children have. We will be taking the lead from the children and going wherever the questions take


Feel free to join in the fun!

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After returning from our break

over the holiday, the children in the Wonder Room began expressing

interest in outer space! They

began to speak about stars, planets

and rockets. We had a ramp with marbles set up in our room from before the break and the children’s language made a shift from rolling, fast, ball and racing to planets, Earth, and moons when they interacted with the marbles. At the atelier, children began drawing pictures of Earth, the sun and the stars. We began to create centres for the children to further explore. We set up a sensory bin filled with black gravel and laminated stars that contained letters, numbers and emotions for the children to search and find, we built a rocket ship with a control panel made with old computer parts for the children to engage in dramatic play and a variety of art projects to create galaxies

and planets  of their very own!