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Our friends in

the Wonder Room

have really shown

 a keen interest in building, architecture and engineering ever since we brought in some new materials for them to explore. We have been looking at bridges and buildings to figure out how they are made and why!

We have even moved onto the idea of "animal houses", how do over animals live and what are their

houses made of?

Our Big Ideas!

As our classroom

and team are

currently under construction, it is no surprise that the children have picked up on it and have started building themselves. Whether it is making buildings with Lego, train tracks, wooden sculptures and more, we are deeply interested in

creating things.

Wonder Room

Innovation Room

Discovery Room

Want to extend your child’s learning at home? Here is a brief update on each room’s big idea.

With so many 

excited new 

friends we have had

an explosion of interests! Our kids have so many great questions; how does a rocket work? Why would someone walk into a volcano? What does the surface of other planets look like?

So we will be trying

to answer these

research queries!

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