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Our young friends in

the Wonder Room have begun

talking about their families.

They have compared how many members they have, who they consider as family, and what their family does when they are at school.

The idea of their parent’s

careers opened up even more

discussion about what the

children would want to do when

they grow up. From that, we have

also taken a closer look at jobs in our community.

We have been fortunate enough to arrange a visit from a firefighter and are excitedly waiting for a visit from a police officer. We have also gone on many excursions throughout our

community to research other

jobs and modes of transportation.

Our Big Ideas!

The Discoverers have

been hard at work

studying sound.

This has been driving

by their own observations

of the world around them (the traffic, the leaves, and objects in the classroom) as well as the musical instruments in the class.

We have had the opportunity to expore and interact with our community, visiting places like Lillo's Music store to learn about music, instruments and different kinds of sound.

We are always looking for new ways to expand our learning, so feel free to come by our room and share, learn and explore with us!

Wonder Room

Innovation Room

Discovery Room

Want to extend your child’s learning at home? Here is a brief update on each room’s big idea.

The Innovators

are currently interested

in architecture and enigineer.

As an extension of what we were learning in our explorations of our world, both locally and internationally, we have been inspired by the structures that we see; how are they made? What do they do? How can we make them?

Using examples in the buildings around us as well as examples of international architecture, the children have been inspired to create their own!

The children are beginning to wonder how they can build their own special

building to mark themselves

globally and are taking

inspiration of other prominent

structures around the world. .

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