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This book begins with a bus driver warning the children that a pigeon may try to drive the bus while he is away. He instructs the children to not let him drive even if he begs. After he leaves the bus, the pigeon shows up and begins to beg and plead with the children about driving the bus. Our Innovators loves to answer back to the pigeon’s begging to try keep the promise they made to the driver.

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This funny book follows four dust bunnies, three of which love to rhyme, Bob just can’t get it right! As the dust bunnies go through a series of rhymes, Bob is trying to alert the others of the approaching vacuum cleaner! The children in room K love the silly nature of the story and enjoy creating rhymes to correlate with the ones the dust bunnies are making.

 He realizes that other people might have important things to say too. Louis uses some tricks to remain patient, like taking a deep breath while he waits for them to finish their stories before he begins his own.  This book has been very helpful with self-regulation in the Innovation Room. The children have learned to value each other’s words and wait their turn to share a story, this way, everyone gets heard and everyone feels valued.

Each month a new book order form will be available in the parent resource binder. We encourage our families to take advantage of the ordering system as it does not only provide a source to fill your home with books to enjoy with your children, but also fills our classrooms with new resources. All of your orders will provide the classrooms with credits to spend on books and other learning materials! We have tried to include as many links to the Scholastic website as possible for your convenience.

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You might think a book with no pictures seems boring and serious. Except... here’s how books work. Everything written on the page has to be said by the person reading it aloud. Even if the words say...

This book is great for group reading or learning letter sounds within words, even ridiculous ones!

Bully B.E.A.N.S. is about bullying prevention. It gives some ideas to children who may be experiencing bullying at school and some insight into why people might be a bully. When the main character in the book asks for advice from her mom, she learns that there is strength in numbers and if the children stand up for themselves and for each other, the bully’s power is taken away. When she is stil lquestioning her own strength in the situation, her mom gives her some jelly beans that act as a placebo to empower her and her friends in this tricky situation.

When a little girl moves to a new town, she finds a place called Butterfly Park. But when she opens the gate, there are no butterflies.
Determined to lure the butterflies in, the girl inspires her entire town to help her. And with their combined efforts, soon the butterflies—and the girl—feel right at home.

A book with a great environmental message and community values, it ties nicely in with our butterfly colony in our classroom.

Rosie is a brilliant inventor of gizmos and gadgets, Iggy has a passion for building, and Ada has endless curiosity. Follow these three protagonists as they explore the world around them, problem solve, and learn to think in more dynamic ways. These books bring a lot of inspiration to our centre and are loved in the Discovery Room and the Innovation Room.

This book is a humorous story about interrupting. Louis believes that all of his thoughts and words are important and need to be heard right now and loudly! The story goes through times that Louis interrupts others, and doesn’t understand what the problem is until some of his peers begin to interrupt him!

As the Innovators prepares for a new year of school, the children have taken a liking to the book, Monstergarten. The book follows a young monster as he prepares to enter school for the first time. He is unsure of how to prepare and worries that he is not scary enough. This book has helped a lot of the children prepare for their first steps into the school system. It is a comfort to children who are showing anxiety about starting in kindergarten and lets them know that they are not alone in their worries and show that kindergarten is not as scary as they may believe.