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Hello, my name is Emily. I studied Early Learning and Child Care at Grant MacEwan University and graduated in 2015. Shortly after graduating, I started working here at Garneau/University Early Learning Centre. I have studied fine art for many years and still do it as a hobby. I enjoy sharing my knowledge of the arts with the children.

Hi, my name is Haruka. I am from Hokkaido, an island in northern Japan. I am a member of GUELC since September 2018. I completed Early Childhood Care and Education program in BC and have been working in this field since 2015. I love sharing learning moments with children and help them explore their world in a Reggio setting. Outside of work, I like to spend time outdoors, hiking and exploring the nature. I also like to bake sweets.

Hello, My name is Lydia DeSouza. I am new to Garneau University Learning Center as a Wonder Room teacher. I am currently studying for my Education Degree at Concordia University of Edmonton. Some of my passions include creating art and spending time with my family and dog, Rolo. 

My name is Krysta and I am the Admissions Coordinator at GUELC. I have been a part of the GUELC community for just over one blissful year and I love that my position allows me to be a part of so many different aspects of our program, as well as constantly meet and interact with so many fantastic people! I have a B. Ed degree from the U of A, with several years of teaching experience, primarily at the lower elementary level. Outside of work, I love spending time exploring the outdoors, especially the mountains, with my husband and energetic one-year-old basenji pup, Akula (that’s the Ukrainian word for “shark!”) 

My name is Maria and I come from an island in Greece! I graduated from the Early Learning and Child Care program of MacEwan University in 2015. I have been working in the Wonder Room

of GUELC since 2014 and was a preschool teacher in a Greek School for two years. I enjoy working in this field as I believe that through Early Learning Education we can make a difference in children’s lives!

Our Team
Excellent early learning programs require the commitment of Early Childhood Educators that posses the knowledge, attitudes and skills necessary to meet the individual needs of the children. An excellent Reggio inspired program requires a team that exhibits creativity, passion, enthusiasm, professionalism and most importantly fun! Our team members come from a diverse background, both personally and academically, so please explore our bios below and get to know us.

Hello, my name is Cam and I have been a part of the GUELC family for over four years now. I graduated from the U of A in Psychology having a research focus in child development. It was this research that brought me to GUELC originally, and I have been here ever since. I also have an interest in technology, environment and language which I love to incorporate into the classroom.

Hi my name is Melissa . I've been a part of the Garneau/University Early Learning Center family for 2 years, learning alongside the children in Room K. I am currently pursuing my degree in psychology at Concordia University Of Edmonton with a special interest in human behaviour. 

Hi, my name is Ruby. I have an Early Childhood Diploma and a Human Services Degree from Grant MacEwan. I sew most of my clothes. I enjoy msic, playing checkers, learning German, gardening and spending time with my family which is growing, So far we have six grandsons. I am a member of TALES - the Alberta League Encouraging Story Telling. Enjoying children adds spice to life.

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My name is Dana and I am Executive Director of our early learning program. I have been proud to be a faculty member of the GUELC society for the last seven years .My passion to pursue education began early while completing my studies in child cognitive development at the University of Alberta. After completing my Bachelor of Arts-Psychology, I completed my Bachelor of Education (Elementary) with a focus on special needs. I commenced my career with Edmonton Public Schools, teaching division one grades. Recognizing my passion to support children with special rights, my career ventured into specialized services, permitting me to expand my experience holding positions of PUF Consultant, Behavior Consultant and Executive Director with a specialized services agency. When I am not learning from the aspiring young minds in our program, I ensure to enjoy a great work-out, get my hands dirty with automotive activities and hanging out with my boxer pups.