Garneau/University Early Learning Centre

Admission for Enrollment

Our Centre offers a full-time (Monday-Friday) early learning program to families of the University of Alberta and surrounding communities of the greater Edmonton area. 

Parents are asked to contact the Admissions Office to gain an application for enrollment or to be placed on the wait-list. Priority for admission is given to families enrolled in the Centre as well as affiliated with the University of Alberta.

To request a wait-list application, simply send an email to the Admissions Office using the "Contact" tab listed in the above menu.

Upon confirmation of the wait-list application, parents are kept informed of the status of their application via email or telephone. Parents are welcome to contact Admission for a status update of their application. It is the responsibility of the family to contact Admissions if they wish to be removed from the wait-list. We do not offer facility tours of the program until a position becomes available. 

Upon being offered a position within the Centre, the family has two (2) business days to respond to confirm acceptance of the position. If the family fails to confirm their interest to secure the position, their application will be closed and the next wait-list family will be contacted. 

Please contact the Admissions office to discuss the tuition fees and payment schedule. 

Note: Our Centre embraces inclusive learning and therefore welcomes all children of all development needs and achievement. If you wish to know about the supports we offer, please contact our Admissions Office or email to info@guelc.com.